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5 Ways Resly Helps Improve Your Guest Communication

Guest communication. It can make or break your guest experience at your holiday or short-term rental property. Providing great communication can be a challenge if you don't have the right technology to support you. The good news is that there are solutions that can help, such as Resly.

Here are five ways that Resly can help.

1. Automatically collecting guest details

Without a doubt, having accurate contact details for your guests is imperative to being able to communicate effectively with them. Resly provides each property with an online check-in facility that along with collecting the guests ID, it will also collect the guests direct email address and automatically update their reservation, replacing the generic channel email address. Best of all, Resly’s online check-in facility is included with every subscription. 

2. Unlimited SMS

Some of the biggest ways a property owner can effectively communicate with guests these days are through text and Resly provides you with unlimited SMS to be able to do that. Unlimited SMS helps you to be able to send quick text messages to your guests at the click of a button and to even set up message templates to send them out even quicker. Every property can set up their own sender ID at no extra cost, allowing the property to send beautifully branded and professional looking SMS.

3. Channel communication

Gone are the days when you needed to log into Airbnb’s platform or APP to be able to communicate with your guests. Resly has full two-way messaging integration with Airbnb enabling you, the property host to communicate directly with your guest from within Resly. You will also receive booking requests and enquiries directly into Resly, helping you retain your host response score.   

4. Email automation

Reduce your daily repetitive tasks by utilising Resly’s email automation. When activating email automation, you can choose to trigger emails to be automatically sent to your guests based on the status of their booking, a number of days before or after a status change or on a chosen date. Of course Resly gives you the ability to exclude selected guests from receiving any automated communication with the click of a button. 

5. Communication History

Every interaction with your guest plays an important role with their overall experience, so it’s important to make sure that your communication with them is valid and warranted. Resly will keep a complete record of all your interactions with your guests, making sure you don’t double up on any emails or SMS. It can also help locate communication that might have been missed by the guests. 

Improve Your Guest Communication 

These are just some of the many ways your guest communication can improve your business efficiency and guest experience.

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