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Resly Selected as Bella Vista Motels’ Technology Partner of Choice for a Bright Future

In a strategic move that promises to enhance guest experiences and streamline operations, Bella Vista Motels, an iconic New Zealand brand, has chosen Resly as its technology partner of choice.

With 27 motels spread across key destinations in New Zealand, Bella Vista has long been recognised for its commitment to quality, convenience, and exceptional service. This partnership with Resly marks a significant step toward ensuring the brand’s continued success and growth.

Bella Vista Motels: A Kiwi Icon

Bella Vista Westport

Bella Vista Motels is a name synonymous with New Zealand’s hospitality industry. Since its inception, the Bella Vista brand has been dedicated to providing travellers with comfortable, affordable, and reliable accommodations. With motels strategically located in regional cities, serene coastal towns, and scenic countryside locales, Bella Vista has become a trusted choice for both domestic and international travellers.

The Bella Vista Group’s commitment to maintaining high standards of service while adapting to the changing demands of the modern traveler has been instrumental in their enduring success. To stay ahead of the curve and continue providing top-notch services to their guests, Bella Vista Motels recognised the need for a comprehensive technology solution. This is where Resly comes into the picture.

Resly: The All-in-One Solution

Resly, a leading provider of hospitality management technology, offers an all-in-one product suite designed to streamline motel and hotel operations. This suite includes property management, online booking, revenue management, and guest engagement tools, all of which are tailored to meet the unique needs of the motel industry.

By choosing Resly’s technology, Bella Vista Motels is making a significant investment in its future. The decision to implement Resly’s suite reflects the brand’s commitment to delivering seamless guest experiences, optimising operational efficiency, and future-proofing their business.

Streamlining Operations

One of the key benefits of Resly’s technology is its ability to centralise motel operations. This means that all 27 Bella Vista motels can efficiently manage reservations, check-ins, check-outs, and housekeeping tasks from a single platform. This streamlines processes, reduces the risk of errors, and ensures consistent service quality across all locations.

Enhancing Guest Experiences

In today’s digital age, guest expectations are higher than ever. Resly’s suite empowers Bella Vista Motels to provide a more personalised and convenient experience for their guests. With online booking capabilities, guests can easily make reservations, view room options, and check-in digitally, reducing wait times and paperwork. Furthermore, the suite allows for better communication with guests, enabling the Bella Vista team to respond to inquiries promptly and provide personalised recommendations.

Adapting to Changing Demands

The hospitality industry is constantly evolving, and the ability to adapt quickly is crucial for success. Resly’s suite offers Bella Vista Motels the flexibility to adjust pricing and availability in real-time, ensuring that they remain competitive in the market and maximise revenue.

Future-Proofing Bella Vista Motels

In a world where technology is continually advancing, staying ahead of the curve is essential. By choosing Resly as their technology partner, Bella Vista Motels is not only addressing their current needs but also future-proofing their business.

Resly's scalability and ongoing updates will allow Bella Vista to evolve alongside industry trends and customer preferences.

In Conclusion

Bella Vista Motels’ decision to appoint Resly as their technology partner of choice is a testament to their dedication to providing exceptional service and staying at the forefront of the hospitality industry. With Resly’s all-in-one product suite, Bella Vista Motels is poised for expansion and ready to welcome travellers to their iconic New Zealand destinations with even greater convenience and comfort.

This partnership marks a new chapter in the Bella Vista Group’s storied history, promising a bright and tech-savvy future for this beloved Kiwi brand.

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