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How Resly Transformed ULTIQA’s Operations

Imagine a world where the complexities of hotel management are simplified at the touch of a button. This is the reality for ULTIQA Hotels & Resorts, thanks to the revolutionary software, Resly. The visionary founders of Resly, Sam Steel and Rico Chen, wanted to transform the management rights industry through cutting-edge technology. Their vision has come to life in remarkable fashion. 

Sue Fairweather, the Executive General Manager (EGM) for ULTIQA Hotels & Resorts, describes Resly as a “game-changer” for her company, enhancing efficiency and saving both time and money across all ULTIQA properties. 

Since its launch four years ago, Resly, a clever contraction of “reservations easily,” has been taking the industry by storm with its powerful yet user-friendly property management system. Sam and Rico wanted to bring technical innovation to the management rights field in a way it had never experienced, with a system that had powerful features yet was simple to operate. 

ULTIQA’s EGM, Sue Fairweather, who has a long and respected history in Queensland’s management rights sector says Resly has done wonders for ULTIQA. 

Established in 2014, ULTIQA Hotels & Resorts operates nine exclusive properties in highly desirable beachfront and cosmopolitan locations from the Gold Coast to Fiji, standing as a beacon of excellence in the management rights industry. The ULTIQA collection of premium accommodations is founded on the principles of luxury, innovation and exceptional service, and has rapidly become a preferred choice for discerning travellers. 

“At ULTIQA Hotels & Resorts, our commitment to providing exceptional guest experiences while efficiently managing our operations is paramount,” Sue said. “Partnering with Resly has been a game-changer in this endeavour, significantly streamlining our processes and saving us valuable time across all our properties. 

“Resly has revolutionised our booking and reservation management. By automating real -time availability updates and sending instant booking confirmations and reminders, we’ve minimised manual data entry and phone calls. This automation has allowed our staff to focus more on enhancing the guest experience rather than handling administrative tasks. 

“Having multiple properties, the centralised management system has been instrumental in saving time.” 

Sue said Resly’s cloud-based platform had drastically improved her company’s flexibility. 

“The ability to access the system from any location with an internet connection has empowered our managers and staff to oversee operations remotely,” she said. “Whether at one of our resorts or on the go, we can manage bookings, communicate with guests, and monitor performance seamlessly. 

“Moreover, Resly’s multi- device compatibility means that our team can use the system on desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. This flexibility ensures that we can respond to guest inquiries and manage operations efficiently, regardless of our physical location. All teams at our resorts use Resly, including maintenance and housekeeping.” 

Managing multiple resorts has become “remarkably easier” with Resly. 

“One of the standout features of Resly is its user-friendly interface,” Sue said. “The onboarding process for new staff is simple, easy, and time efficient. The intuitive design and clear navigation have made it easy for our staff to learn and use the system quickly. This ease of use minimises the learning curve, allowing our team to adapt to the new system with the least disruption.”

She said the migration to Resly was smooth and well-supported. “Resly’s team provided comprehensive assistance throughout the transition, from data import to system setup. The step-by-step guidance ensured that all aspects of the migration were covered, minimising any operational disruptions. 

“The support from Resly’s onboarding team was exceptional. The onboarding specialist offered us personalised assistance, addressing our specific needs and concerns. She was amazing in managing the process, and it was completed in record time. “We conducted onboarding sessions, providing our staff with the knowledge and confidence to use the system effectively from day one.” 

Partnering with Resly, Sue said, had transformed the way ULTIQA Hotels & Resorts managed its operations. 

“The time-saving automation, enhanced flexibility, and ease of use provided by Resly have allowed us to focus more on delivering exceptional guest experiences. The smooth migration and robust onboarding support ensured a seamless transition, making Resly an indispensable tool in our pursuit of operational excellence and guest satisfaction. 

“The ongoing relationship with Sam, Rico, and the development team at Resly enables ULTIQA Hotels & Resorts to continue to grow along with our valued partner Resly!”

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