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What is the Impact of Implementing Resly? Here Is A Resort Managers Review

Resly Is “Extremely Fast, Extremely Easy”, Says Resort Manager

The whole purpose of a property management system is to make life easier for hoteliers and resort managers. The PMS needs to be reliable, efficient and easy to use. So we asked Sam Melis, who manages the Noosa Blue Resort, about her experience using the Resly system.


“The minute we heard of Resly”, said Sam, “I wanted to know all about it. I went down to another resort here that highly recommended it. The earliest benefit that I could see immediately was how time consuming the other system actually ends up being, compared to the Resly system. Everything is so quick. It's extremely fast. A job that would normally take me an hour or two is literally a 5 minute job these days.”


Resly lives on the cloud, so it's accessible wherever there is a mobile connection.

Says Sam, “I can take my laptop and I can be at home. I don't need to come to work anymore really.”

She loves the fact that Resly is a cloud-based mobile platform. But it doesn't stop with portability and convenience.  Resort managers like Sam don't need to be concerned about applying software patches or version updates because the Resly team takes care of all that. 


“The biggest thing that I love about Resly”, says Sam, “is the support team and the support you get. I felt that support from day one, and even now down the track I still feel like I have that support. Any request, any wishlist item that I can think of, send it to Resly and it’s actioned. It’s done. Almost weekly there are new updates happening and a little alert tells you what's new. It continues to get better.”


As well as her main responsibility at Noosa Blue, Sam also looks after several other resorts in the area.

“Another great thing with Resly is that it's extremely easy for me to move between the different resorts. With Resly, I can access different information from the one spot, not having to move around [between applications] which makes my life 100 times easier.” 

We spent the day with Resort Manager Sam at Noosa Blue Resort, check out the video below!


Direct booking: With the Resly direct booking engine, you can effortlessly acquire commission free, direct bookings. Reducing your properties reliance on third party agents. 

Communication: The Resly suite of products includes an automated professional messaging facility that delivers branded emails and unlimited SMS messages to your customers at no extra cost. 

End of month: The regular EOM reporting is handled quickly and efficiently, which our users love. Reconciliation is a breeze with trust account bank feeds available from over 30 Australian banks.

Month by month contracts: Instead of locking clients into 24 month contracts, our users are free to leave. Of course, that puts pressure on the Resly crew to deliver what we’ve promised. So far, so good. 

Back-ups taken care of: There’s no need to back-up your computer because all your data sits on our secure cloud storage.

The transition to Resly: Data migration can be quite tricky, especially when you’re moving away from a creaky old platform. That’s where our new clients love the fact that we take care of data migration. We also provide one-on-one training to get you up and running.

Perhaps the most important of all…

Staff are happier: Instead of having to do battle with a legacy system that was designed way back when, and had various additions and functionality tacked on over the years, everything about the Resly system is smoothly integrated. It was designed that way.

Sounds good? Give us a call. We think you’ll be as impressed as Sam was - and still is!

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