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Do Your Software and Systems Really Need To Change With The Times?

Do Your Software and Systems Really Need To Change With The Times?

With vintage cars, old is good. With vintage wines, old is also good. Sometimes it’s even excellent.

But with vintage software, it’s not so good. In fact, legacy business management systems can be a serious downward drag on business growth. Not only that, they can be positively lethal. Let me explain.

In business, success requires efficiency and profitability. Without streamlined, high-performance internal processes, your competitors will elbow you out of the market. 

In this article, we’ll explore this provocative claim and identify the business reasons that legacy software and systems need to be replaced with agile modern solutions. Reasons? There are many, but we’ll highlight the big drivers.

The business benefits include: 

  • Simplicity - so you’ll have fewer technical problems
  • Productivity gains - including mobile access and remote work
  • Scalability - enabling unlimited growth without paying for idle capacity in the meanwhile
  • Security - data breaches are costly in financial and reputational terms
  • Customer satisfaction - where a well-designed UI is a joy to use
  • Staff satisfaction - instead of grumbling about having to work with antiquated tech.
By moving to a cloud-based solution, your staff will no longer be tasked with managing the hardware, operating the software, deploying and monitoring security measures, and protecting privacy. Your SaaS partner takes care of all of that. 

Market Shifts

Once upon a time, the manual typewriter was state of the art. Then came the electric typewriter. In their day, both provided improvements in efficiency. These days, both are interesting relics that illustrate the ongoing march of technological progress.

The once-popular Adobe Flash is no longer maintained by some browsers, with others planning to abandon it soon. Likewise, Microsoft has ceased to support Silverlight. Its functions are now available in their Edge browser.

Today’s consumers want 24/7 mobile access, and they’ll jump ship to a competitor who provides it.  

Take accommodation, for example. The agency that requires customers to pick up the phone will find bookings are fast slipping away to competitors with an easily navigable 24/7 online booking engine with digital payment. 


Compared to the cost of on-site IT installation, cloud computing minimizes the often-substantial cost of the initial hardware and networking infrastructure. How? Because the cloud company already has all the assets and staff and procedures in place, operational and proven. 

It also saves on the cost of software, backup/recovery systems, and professional staff to maintain the server network. 

In ‘Cloud Economics,’ KPMG says, “cloud can save organisations anywhere from 10-20% of their annual IT budget.” 


With legacy software, adding new functionality is either difficult or impossible. So when your IT team has to write a lot of custom code to provide an additional feature, it’s time to look seriously at retooling to a flexible cloud-based IT setup. 


Cyber criminals are constantly probing for obsolete software that no longer receives security patches. With cloud computing, the provider’s IT team maintains the software and hardware, as well as backups and automatic server failover. 

By choosing a reputable cloud provider, you’re saying goodbye to the risks of unpatched software and data loss. 


Cloud-based IT infrastructure is not only more efficient, it’s more cost effective. As challenging as change management can be, the benefits will soon become apparent. And by choosing Resly you’ll not only have implemented the best property management solution, you’ll also have the Resly team at your side during the transition and in the future. 

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