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Private Cloud vs Actual Cloud: What You Should Know.

Are you wondering what the difference is between private and actual cloud technology? Learn more about cloud technology and trust accounting here.

Hackers. Data breaches. What do you do when your accounting and property management system stops working? Does your software protect you and your business? What is the private cloud?

You know your business best, and you know what works. There are many support tools out there, and while you can trust some of them, others seek to take advantage of you.

An all-in-one platform that incorporates trust accounting and is built to be secure can help your business perform at peak efficiency. These days, the best software runs in the cloud, and you should take advantage of this life-changing technology.

Read on to see how you can transform your business and bring in more bookings simultaneously.

What Is the Cloud?

Before you make the move to cloud-based solutions, you should understand what the cloud is. Don't be put off by the terminology - it's all quite simple.

At the end of the day, the cloud is just a way of talking about software that doesn't run on your local computer. There are many advantages to this - it's more secure, can be accessed anywhere, on any device, and makes your management process far more efficient.

Private Cloud vs Public Cloud

You'll hear these terms a lot, and you'll often hear incorrect definitions for them. It's really quite simple. The public cloud isn't public in the sense that anyone has access to it. Public means that a (public) company, normally large multinational corporations, hosts the application or software. 

What Is the Private Cloud?

A private cloud is the same except that it traditionally runs on your infrastructure and servers. That means it's isolated inside your network and available only to you. Be careful of any vendor that claims to be giving you a private cloud but doesn't locate it on your premises. If the solution requires third party applications like TeamViewer to access the system, this is normally referred to as a remote desktop set-up rather than cloud technology.

Any true cloud based technology will help you save money and boost your efficiency. You should learn to embrace true cloud technology and all the flexibility it provides, making the management of your property simpler and easier.

Speaking of Security

You know just how valuable your data is to you. It makes sense to be certain that it's all as secure as possible. After all, would you rather have your data secured by a multinational corporation like Google who has dedicated security teams or a small local office that might be prone to breaches and data hacks?

What do you do if your data is compromised, but the office isn't open on weekends? How can you be sure small local companies are meeting the same strict protocols the likes of Google abide by?

Because of their sensitive nature, cloud security has to be top-notch and is best handled by professional corporations like Google. That means they have experts on hand 24/7 to make sure your data is completely secure and safe. You are not alone for thinking that private cloud means your data is more secure or private, this is not the case and often quite the opposite. 

So What Do I Do Now?

As a property manager, you absolutely must have software that is compliant with the laws and regulations. In addition, you need software you can trust to work with you, not against you.

Now that you know about the cloud and a little about how it operates, you can start to think about the public vs private cloud debate. It really depends on your circumstances and what kind of solution you need. Resly is proudly partnered with Google for all of our cloud security and hosting. 

Either way, you need experts to see you through your cloud journey, handling your move to a better future. We specialise in empowering clients and helping independent hoteliers to do better.

Our solutions combine trust accounting with software that is built for dealing with management rights. Book a demo now to see what Resly can help you with.

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