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Tracey’s Story: “Home by 2 in the Afternoon”

Tracey and Brad are a husband and wife team who own the management rights to The Dunes in Cotton Tree, a boutique luxury apartment complex on the Sunshine Coast.

Like so many managers in the holiday rental market, Tracey was constantly busy. With bookings, changes, cancellations and payments, the constant need to communicate with her guests and all the other admin tasks, long hours were pretty much par for the course.

Tracey and Brad often think about how to improve their business. How to streamline their operations. Of course, how to grow the business is a big focus too, as it is with many owners. But there are internal efficiencies that can make running the business easier. And that’s what propelled Tracy to search for a solution in early 2020.

Her Google search back in April last year led to Resly. What she read on our website looked promising, so she used our contact form and that was the start of our wonderful relationship.

Tracey sat down with me to reflect on her first year with Resly.

“So, Tracey, you wanted to cut down on the time you were spending on admin. How has that worked out for you?”

Tracey: “Great. I used to work in the office from like 7 a.m. right through to maybe 5, or 6 sometimes. Now I'm finished by 1 or 2 in the afternoon.”

Then she added, “I've done so many bookings over breakfast or dinner.” And now she gets to spend more time with her five grandsons.

As Tracey put it, "I wanted something that was user friendly where I could just do my own reporting, whereas with [product name removed], you can't actually do that. And I also wanted something that was cloud-based so that no matter where I was, I could actually do reservations and bookings changes, cancellations, that sort of thing."

As with all management rights properties, the end of month is arguably one of the biggest headaches. When I asked Tracey about her end of month process with Resly, her response was, “End of month is now so easy. It’s like 2 clicks and I'm done.”

“And what’s been your experience as far as customer support goes?”

Tracey: "I can’t speak highly enough about the support actually." She went on to explain that sometimes while using Resly, she’d wish it would do one more thing. So she’d submit her idea and if validated it was implemented quickly. “Sometimes even on the same day,” she added. “So obviously they're taking notice of users that are sending through requests and suggestions.”

“Some managers are hesitant to upgrade to Resly because of the data migration and changeover. Can you share your experience?”

Tracey: Resly manages it all. It was "a very smooth transition. The migration was pretty easy. And yeah, I haven't looked back since."

“You had goals in mind when you moved over to Resly. Have we met your goals?”

Tracey: “Absolutely, yeah.”

And finally, I asked how likely she would be to recommend Resly.

Tracey: “100%. I recommend it all the time!”

It was such a pleasure to speak with Tracey after her first year with Resly. It's comforting to know that we are still exceeding her expectations and delivering a product that she values and loves.

Like Tracey, there are managers who feel stuck and tied to their outdated PMS. If you would like to learn more about our changeover process or have any questions, feel free to reach out to me here.

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