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What to Expect When Moving Property Management Systems

Ready to change property management systems but don't know what to expect? Here's how Resly makes moving systems a breeze.

When you work in the hospitality industry, some parts of the job are different every single day. Other things, however, never seem to change. Are you frustrated with the property management systems currently on the market, or simply curious about what else is out there?

Do you ever wonder if there could be a platform that would better serve your business and suit your needs? If so, you're not alone. Many owners of boutique hotels and resorts are stuck in stagnant relationships with their current providers, remaining only because migrating to a new system seems like too much of a hassle.

But this isn't a good reason to stay. If you'd like to explore a new system safe in the knowledge that migration will be a breeze, say hello to Resly. We're the new kid on the block, dedicated to making every aspect of property management a breeze, from start to finish.

Migrating Between Property Management Systems

So, you think you're ready to take the leap and change up your property management system. What can you expect from this process? In simple terms, a completely seamless and hands-off migration.

We do all of the heavy lifting to make the entire process as easy as possible for you. The first thing you might be wondering about is whether you'll be able to maintain all of the data you had with your previous provider. The answer is of course!

Building up databases can be a decades-long process, so we want to make sure you're able to hang on to your hard-earned data. We're a cloud-based platform, meaning you can be sure your data will always be safe and secure while remaining easily accessible at all times.

Once we've ensured your data and important information have been migrated to our system, the next step is to get your account up and running. We'll get your profile all set up, but most importantly, we'll be there to help you every step of the way.

To assist you in getting to grips with our easy-to-use platform, we provide one-on-one training. We'll explain how everything works, what features you can look forward to, and everything else you need to know.

Speaking of features, one you might be interested in is our transparent data policy. Unlike many other companies, with us, you own 100% of your data on our platform. This means you can request it any time you like.

Other points to highlight include our uncluttered interface, live bank feeds, and commission-free bookings. Sounds good? Why not give us a try today?

Resly: The New Standard in Trust Accounting Property Management Systems

If you're ready for a change in the way you manage your property, Resly is ready for you. In contrast to other property management systems, we want to make working with us transparent, simple, and a great deal for you and your business.

Get in touch today to set up a demo. We promise you won't be disappointed.

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