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Why Providing An Online Check-In Option Is the Way Forward.

The coronavirus pandemic has made the tourism industry rethink its approach. Sustainability, the guest experience, and guest and staff safety are all factors that the sector is looking at. But how can management rights properties implement solutions?

One of the main ways is through your property management system. These can have features such as online check-in to securely collect guest information. Read on to learn how remote check-in is the way forward for smart hoteliers. 

1. Securely Collects Guest Information

Cybercrime continues to rise, so it is essential to have secure systems to collect guest information. A remote check-in facility like our online check-in offers a way to collect, validate and safely store guest information, such as their contact details against their reservation. It will even attach their photo identification. 

2. Enhances the Guest Experience

Online check-in improves your management process and ultimately your guests’ experience as well as your. It provides an easy to use facility that collects information and special requests and stores them against their reservation, without the need for any manual tasks. It also helps with vacation rentals, which are usually all self-check-in, enabling you to provide lock box arrivals while reducing the risk. 

Guests appreciate effective communication during their stay. If you can show you are ready for them and know their requests, then you have started their stay in the best way.

Online check-in also improves communication from the moment they book. During the process Resly will identify any channel email alias and prompt the guest to provide their personal email. Resly will then update the email address in the guest's reservation.  

For many people, returning to travel is exciting but anxiety-provoking. Providing remote check-in helps ease their worry and comfortably introduce them to your property.  

3. Stores Covid Health Declarations

Many countries now require coronavirus health declarations to reduce risk as the tourism industry opens up. It is important to have a space to store declarations, as an authority might need them. An online system is a tidy way to keep these on record while also maintaining guest privacy. 

4. Improves Guest Security

When guests arrive, staff can easily refer to the guests’ reservation and online check-in details to confirm their identification. You can validate contact details and any other information before they arrive. So, if a problem should arise, you can quickly resolve it. 

5. Displays Your Terms and Conditions

Most people are guilty of clicking through terms and conditions without reading them. But for hotels, it is essential guests are aware of conditions such as check out times, room servicing, and COVID protocols. An online check-in ensures they read through and accept the terms and conditions, which helps everyone involved.

6. Consistent Property Branding

Online check-in allows you to keep a consistent guest experience from the beginning. You can personalise the check-in portal with your logo, so it reflects your property. It provides an excellent introduction for guests and stays true to your properties branding. 

Invest in an Online Check-in System

Remote check-in does not only help with COVID protocols to protect staff and guests. It also enhances the guest experience and aids effective property management. Improve communication, guest privacy, and securely collect guest information with online check-in. 

Resly offers software designed for management rights, which includes all the features you need in one system. Book a demo with us today to learn more about the online check-in and other features.

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